Voice of the White House

September 18, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“From all confidential reports, based on CIA, DIA and NSA intercepts, the far-right government of Israel is in a foaming rage because Obama will not unilaterally bomb the hell out of Tehran and somehow by this, prevent Iran from possibly nuking Tel Aviv. In the past, Israel’s very slightest wish was Washington’s immediate and imperative command and never more so during the sycophantic days of the evil George W. Bush. Now, however, in spite of alternating pleas and demands, it has slowly, ever so slowly, become evident to Bibi’s lunatic people that Obama will not be persuaded. Rahm E., once thought to be a thoroughly dependable tool of Israeli ambitions, is, in a petulant fit, determined to leave the White House. This annoying oaf somehow thinks he is going to become the mayor of Chicago. Well, many dream and few are satisfied. The obedient press and some blogs, keep bleating about pending attacks on Iran with paper darts, submarines, secret missiles and so on but these are only pure propaganda, designed to somehow convince Obama to obey the now-failed masters of American policies.”