Voice of the White House

June 18, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
An interesting bit of input. The US has developed a methodology whereby a plane can be taken off a radar screen. Also, there is the methodology for actually controlling the aircraft in-flight. Who has done this? Our DoD has done this and recently did some experimenting with it in Europe and got caught. They tried it out earlier on that Malaysian plane that suddenly vanished because the US has extensive satellite, and other, controls in that immediate area (because of China). The actual goal is to be able to send a hidden drone crashing into Vladimir Putin's plane without getting the blame. The second would be to nail Edward Snowden. Both of these individuals are hated by Obama who is determined to get rid of one, or better, both of them but without any blame attached. I do not understand the technology involved and it is too prolix to fish it out and send it on but my source(s) on this are impeccable.