Voice of the White House

February 18, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
In Washington far right circles there is a growing and very unhappy feeling that the United States as a world power is badly slipping. Of course this is not due to any error on the part of the United States policy makers but, as always, the fault of others. In this case, they blame Vladimir Putin for their failures, whereas they could easily find the source by simply looking in a mirror. Some empires last longer than others. Rome lasted for thousands of years - Great Britain for hundreds. But all such powers eventually come to an end and are replaced by others. Putin has proven to be very smart and better, very patient, while his enemies hop about hooting like chimpanzees in the zoo's monkey house. But a dying empire is a dangerous empire and often its leaders in desperation resort to violence to protect their domains. Given the nature of destructive weaponry (nuclear, biological, and chemical) one might hope for common sense to prevail. Too bad it never does.