Voice of the White House

December 18, 2012

Washington, D.C.: The horrible mass shooting by a young man with severe emotional problems at a grammar school is bad enough but now the yapping, squealing and demanding voices of the media to control guns is almost as bad. The simple fact is that the boy who shot over twenty small children, several teachers and his mother was an obvious mental case. Supposing that instead of his mother's guns, he had taken a wooden rolling pin and used it on the victims. Would there then be a cry to ban all rolling pins? Confiscate them all from an irresponsible American public? The truth is that a nut took an inanimate object and killed innocent people with it. The government and its allies in the media are very much afraid because a huge number of Americans are armed and an armed public could, if necessary, chase them out of office at best and shoot them dead at worst. The media is virtually worthless and can always be counted on to follow orders. And because the public gets much more timely, and accurate, news from the Internet, the subscription lists of all newspapers, magazines and the like are shrinking with the speed of the Greenland icecap. Aside from confiscation of firearms, the government would love nothing better than to get iron control over an Internet that is far more informative and independent than the media.