Voice of the White House

August 18, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
There is a mistaken belief that somehow, money equals character. People like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Edgar Bronfman, George Soros and others acquire large sums of money. They are surrounded by lackeys who worship their bank balances and soon come to believe that what they think or want is of vital importance and that the rest of the poor and unwashed ought to become aware of their important convictions and more important, their needs. Women are always very much aware of their needs but it is impossible to address them because they change hourly. The recent rich are actually of no importance except to themselves, their families and their retainers, but this does not stop them from, let us say, giving millions of dollars to the 'Save the Bulgarian Penguins Society' because their attractive, but brainless, purchased wife loves Bulgarian penguins and wants to save them all. Or the efforts of the newly-minted Important Person to get somebody like Hillary Clinton into the White House where she and her girl friend can cavort about in men's clothing, shamelessly, while stealing the furnishings. Money does not equal character and this country needs character in its leadership, not the pious mouthings of the recently-rich and their poodles. The so called Podesta Papers have a great deal of information which, if revealed to the general public, would have the trees in their parks decorated with strange fruit.