Voice of the White House

December 18, 2007

Washington, D.C.: “The official story now being put out, that the CIA torture tapes never were in the United States is pure bullshit. I have seen three of them personally and a friend at least a dozen more. No, these were not the official Langley copies (which still exist) but pirated ones made by one of many rogue CIA personnel who disapprove of codified, and Bush-ordered and approved torture.

“If we do it to them, they can do it to us” said one CIA official to me personally while he was discussing top secret CIA nonsense with me over lunch at the Hay-Adams last week. I have strongly urged that these tapes, uncensored, should be put up on the internet and/or sent out to the anti-war groups. They, at least, will put them out to the public.

Now, on to more depressing news. I have said that the coming Republican strategy will be to use illegal immigrants as the next “Arab terrorists” to terrify the American voters into supporting their fascistic goals. It has been decided by top-level Republican strategists, (according to the memos I see daily) that a new enemy must be found to focus on and that enemy will be the illegals. They are preparing scare stories, sure to run in all of the Rupert Murdoch trashy rags, and be seen on his equally trashy Fox tv network, about “rising crime rates” in areas where illegals are known to be living and working. This would include the San Diego - Los Angeles area, most of Arizona, the Denver and Chicago areas, and a good part of the eastern seaboard north of Virginia.

The hate campaign will stress the huge amounts of welfare money going to indigent and jobless immigrant families, depriving native-born Americans of said funds. They will talk about the huge increase in dangerous street drugs being controlled by the illegals and the bizarre idea, fostered by Lew Dobbs, that all kinds of terrible diseases, such as leprosy, are being brought into the United States by illegals. They hope to offset the disastrous effects of the crooked and widespread mortgage and housing scandals that could implicate prominent Republican lawmakers and, horrors, even the White House itself! Not only were legions of the poor stiffed by these should-be felons, but their actions have caused terrible and possibly fatal damage to the American economy, especially the banking sector. Billions in fake mortgages were “bundled” and sold to thousands of domestic and foreign investors who are now realizing they have been yenched, or fucked, by the banks and lending institutions.

We here at the Monkey Palace know for a certainty that this business has not, and will not, go away and savage attacks on the harmless Mexicans will divert public attention from greater domestic felonies and their economic disasters.

Bush and his people really do not care about the fraudulent mortgages and the ongoing mass evictions. Since most of those being thrown out of their homes are minorities, especially black ones, and since Bush and his Republican friends hate blacks and latinos, this element of the disaster is of no concern to them. After all, most of us remember the aftermath of Katrina and the very, very obvious contempt with which Bush and his crime partners viewed New Orleans blacks. Their crimes? They were black, they were poor and if they voted, it was Democratic so let them drink piss in the dome.

I can imagine what would happen in Bush official circles if the dispossessed were upper class whites. My God, a flood of relief helicopters would descend on the refugees within minutes and we could see the Chief Simian personally greeting the WASPs when they landed on terra firma. Aside from the cruelty shown, so great was the contempt the Administration had for poor blacks that they never bothered to hide it and thereby enraged the television commentators and, eventually, a good segment of the American people.

“Don’t get your balls into an uproar,” one top White House person said to me when I expressed shock at all of this, “they’re just poor niggers and they never vote for us.” I should have taped him but Bush won’t allow tape recorders anywhere inside the White House. For obvious reasons I can assure you! The sooner he and his gang of neo-cons, professional Zionists, and outright nut cases are cleaned out of here, the better off the rest of the country will be.”