Voice of the White House

November 17, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
The American media, ever attentive to the needs of the American oligarchs, have been bleating frantically about the problems, mostly invented or the direct result of CIA manipulations, while studiously avoiding a far, far more serious domestic problem. When, not if, this problem erupts into full public view, it will create domestic havoc not seen in this country since the Boston Tea Party. I am speaking here of the Great Mortgage Scandals that have wrecked the American housing market but greatly enriched many politicians and, far more important, the major banks. The end result of their deliberate and thoroughly crooked manipulation of both the mortgage and real estate markets has created a situation where over 70 million Americans, with mortgages, do not have title to their homes and never will. In short, the larger American banks took millions of mortgages, legitimate and questionable, chopped them up and packaged them as 'Investment Packages.' These were sold, mostly overseas, and it is now completely impossible for anyone, bank or individual, to ascertain just who is the actual holder of millions of home and business mortgages. It is very easy for Americans concerned about this to find out if they have a clear title to their homes. Lawyers and helpful 'financial advising firms' are not necessary. All a curious person has to do is go to their county records repository, usually in the county courthouse complexes, and look at the file on the questioned property. These are public records and are open to the public. If one sees the word 'MERS' attached to the mortgage, that is the sign that there is no known title holder and the house cannot be properly sold. And if one finds this is the case, is there a remedy? No, there is not. Legal action is not possible and the only solution would be found in Congressional action granting title to the victims of these frauds. But the current American Congress is careful not to annoy the major banks who spend a great deal of money keeping them in office and cooperative. And although the White House is fully conversant with this problem, they would never do anything to annoy the financial industry in America. In essence, the banks, obedient media outlets, Congressmen and even the President himself are smiling at all of us and saying, 'Bend over Dear and I will drive you home.'