Voice of the White House

May 17, 2014

Washington, D.C.: In the propaganda war that rages parallel with the oil wars, the loser is the American media, both print and television. The legend of the free press is just that: a legend. Like the Russian press, the American counterpart is thoroughly controlled by the wishes of their respective governments. The Russians are more skillful at their jobs as witness the botched propaganda filling the pages of both the New York Times and the Washington Post, where pictures published in the Times that were designed to prove that Russian troops had invaded the Ukraine, and when these turned out to be poor fakes, they waffled and published a retraction on the back pages. If one wants to read the views of the American government agencies, they can read the Times or the Post and be fascinated with the doings of Hollywood stars and various pop stars as well as watching videos of cats attacking dogs, fat teachers slapping small children in school or an endless series of brush fires raging in various drought-ridden American states. To get at reality, it is necessary to read a whole stable of Internet news sites but one of the most accurate and dispassionate is Reuters. The Guardian in England has excellent articles from a left-wing viewpoint of course, and RIA Novosti is a balanced view of Russian reportage. But one should beware of the so-called 'blogs' which, in the main, are nothing but distortions of actual stories, designed to heighten the importance of the poster and, more often than not, the views of his government employers.