Voice of the White House

May 17, 2009

Washington, D.C.: ďNever mind what you may hear on television or read in the press, in spite of Obamaís very strong reluctance to pursue the torture issue and the logical prosecution of the highest officials in the former Bush administration, very, very powerful people have taken the issue out of the Presidentís hands and are setting the stage for what might well prove to be a wholesale criminal prosecution of not only top officials of the Bush presidency but the President himself, very certain the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, the former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, and a host of other luminaries. Obama recognizes that such a media circus can easily derail his cleverly built support for various liberal programs such as a national health program, control of the banking system and on and on. In every political entity from the government of a small town to the nation, there exists a power elite. Read C. Wright Millsís book on the subject. Itís dated but very clearly spells out the hidden engines of power in this country. Who are the power elite in this country that are now determined to publicly crush not only the former Bush administration but the leadership of the Republican party as well? I do not pretend to know who is really running things, but it is not the Democratic party and only a few members of Congress. I have seen a number of classified memoranda on this subject and I assure you, when it is leaked, as it certainly will be and very soon, the effect on international opinion of the United States will be devastating, especially in the Muslim community. With the obvious pending collapse of the official government of Pakistan and its replacement by fanatical Muslims of the Taliban, someone is cooking a pot of soup that will be an utter public relations disaster but a media delight.Ē