Voice of the White House

June 17, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The American public supports the government with its involuntary income taxes and, once in a while, votes on its representatives. Aside from that, they are of no practical use to the leaders who move in well-trodden insular circles in a corrupt national capital. In the past, the public was mollified by carefully planned media campaigns, but now with the advent of the Internet and a wide reportage of news, actual, fictional and very often, delusional, the public no longer is controlled by what they read in an increasingly useless print media and an even more useless television media. And the public is becoming disillusioned and angry with the greed and incompetence of their leaders. But if they rose up in their wrath and threw all of them out, within a decade it would all be just the same again. But hopefully a change of scenery might be of great benefit to a pubic tired of manipulations, control by business oligarchs, and the endless wars our declining empire deems so vital to its existence.