Voice of the White House

December 17, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
With the ongoing collapse of the American print and television media the bulk of the population gets its free news from the Internet. This entity does indeed carry very important, accurate and informative material, but it is also home to a legion of the unbalanced on the one hand and a massive amount of professional government propaganda on the other. Faked news ranges from the believable to the childish. And note that as well as government paid hack agencies, designed to spread official lies and disinformation, we have the conspiracy lunatics that pontificate endlessly on evil plots coupled with their own inaccurate and often poisonous inventions. It is not a secret in many circles that the CIA ran Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty out of their offices on the English Garden in Munich. These cost the American public millions of dollars that could have been spent elsewhere to better effect and they had no influence on their target audience. The CIA also has a strong influence at ZDF, the German television network, and news from any of these sources ought to be treated with the utmost caution and skepticism. It is obvious that US allies are always praised for their kindness and forward-thinking actions. We love the wonderful Saudis who sell us oil and who started and financed the evil ISIS people and we equally fawn upon an Israel that steals land from the legitimate Arab owners and shoots very dead any of the ousted inhabitants who dare to object. If both Israel and Saudi Arabia vanished from the face of the Earth due to some laudable action of God or more direct actions of Hezbollah, peace and quiet would descend on the tormented Middle East within a week.