Voice of the White House

December 17, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
The current Spanish Fly in the political ointment of the Middle East is Turkey. This country has been more than helpful, for money of course, to American military and intelligence activities on Russia's borders. She has allowed the placement on her soil of missiles aimed at Russia, and radio intercept stations and other surveillance entities. But the Turks are not kindly peoples and presently, they are attempting to exterminate the Kurdish minority (25%) of her country because they wish to form their own country. Turkey has also been acting as a support system for IS, the radical and vicious Sunni religious movement started by the Saudis. Looted Syrian oil was shipped to Turkey by IS members and this oil then was sold by Turkey and some of the proceeds given to IS. As the US received most of this oil, she naturally did not want to in any way interdict this oil movement. Once the Russians began to support the legal government of Syria, they attacked all the rebels, including the oil areas and the Turkish nationals supporting IS inside Syria. Memories are notoriously short and it is generally forgotten with what viciousness Turkey is well-known to have massacred any entity that rebels against her. I refer specifically to the notorious Armenian Holocaust of 1916, the only such Holocaust of the 20th century. We are discussing this bloodbath because it shows signs of returning in the form of a massacre of Kurdish peoples. It is also not widely known that Kurdish rebels are being given large quantities of weapons and support to aid them in their quest for what American propagandists like to call 'a movement for liberty and freedom.' (And give us your oil.)