Voice of the White House

August 17, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
It is not unexpected to observe the growth of anti-Obama sentiment, expressed as a racial issue. It was certainly a positive action on the part of the American electorate to elect a black President, but there have always been undercurrents of racism moving just under the surface of the American political scene. Initially appplauded as an intellectual reformer, Obama is now seen as a petty dictator who persecutes whistleblowers, intends on keeping the sweeping official spying on the public in place, giving only mild and obviously token disapproval. One of the unpleasant results of all this is an increase in racial remarks and attitudes throughout the country. Someone in Memphis founded a (Whites Only) 'Tar Baby Club' in late July and this has spread across the country and even into Canada and, at the last report, into Germany and England. This is not illegal per se but I have no doubt that AG Holder is searching the Federal law books to find some kind of punishment.