Voice of the White House

May 16, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
"I have it on very good authority that the Russians have been supplying Syria with ground to ground missiles which then are being trans-shipped to Hezbollah. Apparently, Israel has been planning more excursions in force into Lebanon and if they do, Hezbollah will be in a ‘moral’ position to blast Tel Aviv and other significant governmental and population targets with a rain of heavy missiles.

These, as I have been told, are heavy in bulk and weight but their simple launching devices can be assembled and put in place in less then fifteen minutes so as to avoid observation from the omnipresent Israeli drone planes, fired and the site then abandoned within less than five minutes.

Counteraction, probably by aircraft, would be symbolic because there would be no one around to receive it. And from the specs on the weaponry, I would imagine the collateral damage would be terrible to behold.

As I understand it, Hezbollah is waiting for “clear and significant” provocation.

These messengers of death, as I understand it, are easily hidden and impossible to detect from the air.

Hit and run is obviously the game and without doubt, Israel will react with violence to subtle proddings (which are now underway as I understand it) on the part of the militant Arabs. Under the Obama administration, a U.S. response is not as certain as it would have been under George W. Bush. Tel Aviv would love Washington to fetch their chestnuts out of the fire but those days are now long gone.

Thank God!

Well, those who sow should be prepared to reap!

I do have the ‘why’ but do not have the ‘wherefore’ because much of this is ad hoc and even if I did, I would never discuss it either on the phone or the internet, both of which leak like old garden hoses!

For years, Jewish pro-Israel groups have been filling the American media with woeful stories of the evil Arabs attacking the peaceful and wonderful Jewish population of Israel. They speak of Iranian atomic weapons and have been urging, and demanding, that America bomb Tehran back go the stone age.

As peace loving, kind people, their IDF launched unprovoked attacks on the civilian populations of both Lebanon and Gaza, killing many thousands of unarmed civilians in the process. In Lebanon, however, the Hezbollah was well-armed and retaliated savagely, killing many invaders so a frightened Israel rushed to the Bush administration, begging them to push a cease fire through the United Nations.

And Bush was only too happy to oblige them..."