Voice of the White House

February 16, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency has caused shock and outrage to the economic oligarchs who basically control the United States. They might not have liked Hillary Clinton, but at least she was a known and usable factor. Trump is crashing around in the political and economic bean field, knocking over bean poles and frightening the oligarchs. Left-wing supporters of the oligarchs, like George Soros, hate him and these people, using their wholly-owned and influenced media, are constantly attacking Trump's every move. Established bureaucracies like the Pentagon and the CIA are maliciously releasing negative material about Trump and even a child can see focused hatred in the daily drum fire of anti-Trump articles in all the press. There are, however, many millions who support Trump and who voted for him and all this negativity will do will be to polarize the same voters and soon the country will consist of two armed camps: Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump. And 'armed' is quite true. The American public is the most heavily armed one on the planet and if the nay-sayers continue their campaign of sabotage and hatred, they will discover some very ugly realities indeed.