Voice of the White House

November 15, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
The actual reasons behind any war are economic and political. The continuing war in Afghanistan is not to bring liberty and joy to the locals but to protect the huge, and very profitable, opium fields there. It is well known inside the Beltway that the CIA ships raw opium to Columbia where it is turned into heroin, destined for the United States. If one looks at the deployment of American military units in Afghanistan, they will see that they are obviously stationed about the opium fields. And Israel was angry with Assad because he was permitting the Russians to ship surface-to-surface missiles to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon via Syria. They wanted him out and we were willing to assist this project. And now the United States has involved itself in another endless, and very costly (to the American taxpayers) war. Let us hope that President-elect Trump sees through these dreary games and puts an end to them. And then that the money from the tax-paying public ought to be put to domestic, not foreign, use.