Voice of the White House

November 15, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
Yesterday, I was talking on the phone about Thanksgiving with an old friend when I heard a pop and click on the line and a voice said: 'He doesn’t come on duty for another hour,' followed by a short buzzing noise. I at once began to talk, in hushed tones, as follows: 'I spoke with the Colonel yesterday and he said the entire plan is about to be launched. Of course the Saudis' will be furious but when the thing is over, they will all be dead or exiled in London. And yes, the president of the bank will go along with the entire plan.' My friend, who knows me well, laughed and made some comment about the Grand Council and we then talked about turkey roasting. This will give the snot-munchers something to think about, if they are capable of thought, that is. I find that those who can, work in the private sector and those who can't, work for the government. If a little learning is a dangerous thing, learn to live dangerously and work for the government!