Voice of the White House

May 15, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“Pity those poor bank executives, used to looting everything in sight because their man was in the White House, now reduced to penury because the evil socialist negro is taking over their cash cows. They wail to Fat Limbaugh and anyone on the hill that remembers their earlier generosity. Yes, Virginia, Santa may be stuck in your chimney and making a terrible smell in the living room, but the president is taking over the crooked banks and cleaning up the Augean stables from generations of impacted filth. Good for him. They’ll beg the CIA to do a Kennedy on him but my bet is that it won’t work. Still, Bernie Madoff, who hid is looted money safely in Israel for his children to spend later on, is not the only slime ball on the court. I would hazard a guess that at least 90% of the so-called “hedge funds” are nothing but Ponzi scams. If you have money in one, take it out unless it’s all in a bank in Lichtenstein. Well, Berine’s co-religionists had a real run on our money and now they either flee to Aruba to join the legions of crooked mortgage brokers or take up residence in some cushy Federal jail. They should just hang them up in a tree somewhere and take all their money, their planes, their yachts, their 30,000 square foot mansions and give the money back to the victims. This would never happen under Bush, of course, but it will under Obama. Look for more Republican howls of ‘Socialist!’ in the near future.”