Voice of the White House

May 15, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“The only thing spectacular now is the spectacular stupidity being exhibited by a White House enraged and frightened that the Republicans will be utterly crushed in November. This is evident in their lashing out at Obama, accusing him of encouraging terrorism which is, of course, sheer nonsense. It is the vicious and brutal Bush administration that has harassed Muslims wherever and whenever they find them, to torture them and in the end, wipe out whole neighborhoods in Iraq, including women and children. These deliberate acts, coupled with the rank favoritism and reeking corruption (which is not to believe in its magnitude) we see hints of on a daily basis, have made enemies that this country does not need. Long after the Bush people have fled the jurisdiction or hanged themselves in the front hall closet with a jump rope, the rage that the vicious Bush has fathered, deliberately, will certainly haunt the rest of us for years to come. It is very funny to watch McCain doing his Bush imitation and then watch the far more intelligent and civilized Obama slice and dice them in public. I predict that if Obama becomes the Democrat candidate and gets into a debate with McCain, the latter will blow what little cool he still has as Alzheimer’s devours him and start shouting at Obama or, even better, to rush at him and try to punch him out. Given his increasing mental disorientation, McCain would probably forget half the way to the podium what he was doing and just stand there.”