Voice of the White House

June 15, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“The result, the main result, of the economic recession in Europe, is the sharp popular move to the far right. I am not speaking here about a conservative thrust but a radical right akin to National Socialism. The two main motivations for this movement are, as I have said, the worsening economy and to this is added growing, and very strong, resentment of huge numbers of immigrants flooding into Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Italy. Most of these immigrants are from Muslim countries, are very insular, refuse to integrate into their local societies and make increasingly loud demands on their host countries for increased welfare and special rights. The result of this injection of an indigestible mass of foreigners into well-established societies is growing anger at the governments of these societies for their continued support of the aliens and the official persecutions of those who dare to object. Stop up the spout of a boiling tea pot and the lid blows off and this is precisely what is now happening in Europe and what will inevitably happen in the United States. As Eric Hoffer has said in his ‘True Believer’ whenever a society suffers economic losses, minorities are always threatened. Political correctness may have its roots in a desire to please everyone even though it might have been conceived by certain ethnic groups as a means of self-defense but political correctness goes overboard at the first signs of economic trouble and the minorities are now being threatened. Unless, and until, the world’s economy stabilizes and is perceived as rising once more, there is a very serious threat of not class warfare but racial warfare breaking out unannounced but deadly in any one of a dozen spots. The increasingly furious Swedes might well launch uncontrollable savage attacks on their Muslim minorities or perhaps the equally angry Belgians or British will set the red hen on someone’s barn roof but in any case, no one should be surprised if, let us say, the furious citizens of southern Arizona suddenly rise up in their wrath and smite a large convoy of illegals trespassing over their ranches or flooding their cities with drugs, disease or demands on the public welfare system. Talk as he may, Obama can do nothing about this, any more than he could stop a tornado gathering steam in Oklahoma.”