Voice of the White House

July 15, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The official American attitude toward President Assad of Syria is that he is a terrible dictator and must leave office. This attitude must have been cultivated in a kindergarten because the United States has put in office and supported many dictators who were far worse than Assad. Why should the US make such a fuss about Assad? The answer can be found in an interesting highly classified report from an Israeli intelligence agency that is making the rounds inside and outside the Beltway. Israel wants Assad out because he permitted Iran to ship deadly missiles to Hezbollah via Syria. The US wants to get rid of Assad because he has an alliance with Russia and is leasing port space on the Mediterranean to the Russian Navy. But Assad did not go and fought back with considerable and effective Russian support. And it ought to be understood that the fanatical ISIS mob was set up by Saudi Arabia, funded by them, armed and trained by the CIA and US Army Special Forces. As there does not appear to be the possibility of ousting Assad and replacing him with an American puppet, Washington is seeking an exit from a quagmire that could do terrible damage to them.