Voice of the White House

July 15, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“There is a rumor, and just that but an educated one, that Goldman Sachs has made an amazing rebound from what appeared to be total disaster. The rumor has it that possibly some of Bernie Madoff’s missing billions might have found their way into the coffers of his co-religionists from the Israeli banks that are holding them for him. I think it ought to be realized that the upper levels of the banking and finance industry in the United States are a pack of liars and thieves and their rapacity and criminal greed have directly contributed to our present economic problems. The only way to stop their manipulations and frauds is for them to be taken over by a central authority and to them, we can add the major insurance companies. One, Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned, at least here, is rotten to the core. They do not pay out claims unless they have to and their convoluted squirmings are a delight to behold…unless you are the one they rape. One example (but no names) A family I know personally was having their insured house added to and they had to move to a local motel for a week while the final touches were completed. During this time, an electrical fire did serious damage to the house but the insurance company in question refused to pay on the claim on the grounds that the house was abandoned by its owner, unoccupied and hence the policy was invalid. The court ruled against the company who only shrugged and tried the game on someone else. We should feed these shitheads to the alligators in the Everglades but very probably, even the alligators have some kind of a limit on what kind of carrion they will injest.”