Voice of the White House

January 15, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
It is interesting to observe what is happening to the once-powerful New York Times. With a rapidly dwindling circulation, the frantic efforts of the management to resurrect the paper are more than entertaining. The Times has closed various departments (such as the Environmental one), laid off many middle-level workers and blocked access to its online articles except for those willing to pay for the somewhat dubious privilege. At first, one could view and download a maximum of twenty articles per month. Then this was reduced to ten, but for viewers only. Any downloads must be for subscribers to their electronic service. At one time, the New York Times was a valuable news source, in spite of their overly close contact and cooperation with the CIA. But now, there are very few articles worth bothering with. One can get far better news from the British Guardian which has the advantage of having no connection with the corrupt Murdoch empire. Poor Rupert would be better off in a nursing home rather than plotting to put a hand-puppet General in the White House!