Voice of the White House

February 15, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
The transfer of Saudi military aircraft to Turkey for 'use against ISIS' is a formula for easily forseen disaster. Since the Saudis are the ones who recruited the Sunni ISIS people in the first place, instigating a religious war in the region, they have no intention of attacking them. On the other hand, they are determined to remove Syria's Assad from power. Turkey is also a Sunni country and both are hoping to draw the United States into a supportive war on their side. On the other hand, Putin is supporting Assad and the Iranian Shi'ites, clandestinely arming the anti-Turkish Kurds, and supporting anti-Saud royal family factions in Saudia Arabia. If Saudi aircraft attack Assad's government forces, the Russians will defend them, and if a Saudi plane is shot down as a result, loud will be the frantic demands of Turkey and Saudi Arabia for both the United States and NATO to join with them against Assad, and also it ought to be noted, against Russia. Although Turkey is a paid for ally and Saudi Arabia sells badly need oil to the United States, the hope that the US can be instigated into attacking the Russians is forlorn in the extreme. In this religious war, the instigators will be the ones to suffer in the end.