Voice of the White House

February 15, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“Poor Obama hasn’t been in office a month and the Republicans are plotting to ruin him. Of course, in the end, they will destroy any good will they have with the American public. They will be seen, as they are, as a bunch of right wing religious freakos bound and determined to ruin anything they can, just out of spite. Just like George Bush. He wants a legacy? He’ll be fortunate if he isn’t indicted. Some of his top aides are now privately telling all to the authorities, so once Obama gets the economic programs going, look for more trouble for George W. His legacy? Lose his pension, what tiny bit of reputation he has left and a few years of his worthless life. They say indicting Cheney would be pointless. He is as nutty as they come and has a very bad heart. I doubt he would survive an arrest. Karl Rove is singing like an opera star but all is kept quiet. And speaking of keeping quiet, I hear nothing about Beautiful Bernie, the Ripoff Hebrew. Tell me, children, why is it that no papers in this country ever dares to wonder where the shit hid his money? His wife siphoned fifteen million out of his business while the FBI were on their way to bust him. Everyone here wants Bernie to have the good grace to die quietly before the whole ugly business gets out of hand and somehow the ripped off discover all their former money in Israeli banks."