Voice of the White House

August 15, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “We have a new Administration with new goals but little by little, the secret goals of the last régime are creeping into the light.

Aside from the planned looting of the American economy by the bankers and their friends in the White House, we had other issues that were being planned behind closed doors by the top people of the Bush Administration.

There is no single document that covers all of these plans but instead, a series of papers, minutes and suggestions that in sum, are horrific. What was planned, under the direct control of top Bush aide, Rove, was to clamp down on the American people in both the governmental and private sectors. What did these creeps have planned for us? Let us count the ways.

· A universal draft to bring the badly depleted armed forces up to a level where Bush could threaten the rest of the world, especially Russia, with force if and when he needed to.

· A roster of Americans who might be expected to resist any far right ideas of Bush and his people. We can see this on the 40,000+ ‘No-Fly’ list of the TSA. It took very little to get on this list; negative comments on a website were more than enough.

· A union with the very well-organized Christian Far Right and most especially that branch of these people called the Dominionists who believed that as Christians, they had a mandate from God Himself to control religious life in the United States. This group of fascistic creeps hated the Catholics, Mormons and the main line Christian religious entities but were in tight cooperation with Jewish Zionists.

· The declaration of a National Day of Remembrance to honor the mythic Holocaust and public school programs connected with this new Federal holiday that would stress the debt everyone else owed to the Jewish community.

· The teaching, by law, of the Bible in all public schools. This is being done now in Texas but Texas was never part of the United States and its strange Governor now wants to secede from the Union.

· Sunday to be observed by the closing of all places of business.

· Very strict control over computer games, television programs aimed at the younger Americans, books and magazines. Pro-Federalist and Christian themes would be insisted upon and many current games and programs would be forbidden.

· Because the American public is heavily armed, the strictest anti-gun laws would be put through by a cowed Congress and confiscations would surely follow.

· Instead of thinning out the huge American prison populations, more prisons would be built to house the multitudes expected to occupy them.

· The death penalty would not only not be abolished but intensified and applied to any breach of the new public laws as Congress, and the leadership saw fit to enact.

· The development of a theoretical series of Federal detention camps, to be run by the United States Army and to house Federal prisoners. The expected number of new Federal lawbreakers was estimated by the Cheney study group involved to be at least eight million citizens.

· A new Federal identity card that had to be carried by all citizens over the age of 12 and presented to any law enforcement official who wished to see it.

· The installation of observation cameras in all areas where the public might congregate such as malls, sporting events, airports, and the Federal and State highway systems.

· Rove’s special idea was to establish a Permanent Republican majority in Congress to maintain the security of the state.

· The establishment of a national youth work program, based on the German Arbeitsdienst whereby all American youth, male and female, must serve a year of national internal service at the age of 18.

· Complete control of all cell phone services and the issuance of such phones only to authorized persons.

· The establishment of some kind of direct control over the use of the Internet system to prevent “anti-governmental” material from being disseminated.

And why, pray tell, did none of this happen? Very simply because the leadership of the U.S Army flatly refused to cooperate and without their force, Bush would have been lynched by an enraged public.

It might be interesting to gather up all the supporting documents and memos dealing with this Fourth Reich and publish them but is there time enough and space? Look at all the fun we missed, children! And be nice to Generals while you’re at it...”