Voice of the White House

September 14, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“Some general information: If you see an article in the mainstream American media about some service like a communications network or an entity like a phone scrambler that “cannot be broken” and whose existence is “worrying” agencies because “people can use ------------ and cannot be broken,” don’t bite. The network, system or device, if used, has a “trapdoor” built into it and by using it, the unsuspecting buyer or subscriber draws instant attention to themselves and anything they say is recorded.

The second concept is to generally never call the police or any other agency to report a crime or a suspicious person. Why? Because in almost all cases, the caller or informant is at once themselves investigated. This applies to the FBI and your local police equally. A friend once contacted the Secret Service about a counterfeit money operation and two agents then started an investigation of him instead of the perps. Generally, let the agencies do what they are paid to do and keep strictly out of anything that will draw attention to yourself.

There are over 400,000 people currently on the 'No Fly' list and this list is added to a “Suspect Citizen” list kept by the FBI with over 2,000,000 names currently on it! Most of these are not camel-riding Arab terrorists living in Buffalo Breath, Montana but ordinary citizens who have expressed negative comments about some official person, agency or action.

The suggestion?

The Enemy is listening, so keep your mouth shut tight... always.

And you must be aware that the same agencies are “extremely concerned” about the enormous number of firearms now in the possession of many Americans and would like to either register all of them or, even more strongly, confiscate them entirely.

Americans are a difficult people to terrify, the Bush “terrorist warning” idiot games aside, and attempts to grab guns would be met with another Lexington. The government is well aware that a well-armed public is a serious block at any attempt of setting up a dictatorship in this country.

Also, a few other comments of interest here:

The Arctic Sea is a Russian-owned and operated smaller cargo vessel. It was hijacked in the Baltic on August 24, and the ship, to quote from a TIME account, ‘manned by a Russian crew, set sail from Finland under a Maltese flag on July 22. It was destined for Algeria and carried less than $2 million worth of timber. Then a group of eight Russian and former Soviet hijackers boarded the ship on July 24. The ship's tracking device was disabled in the last days of July, as it passed through the English Channel into the Atlantic, and the ship disappeared. On Aug. 12, the Russian Navy sent out a search party. A week later, Russia declared that the ship and its crew had been rescued.’

The truth of the matter, as I have gleaned by reading something extracted from the CIA’s daily PDB is that Israel has been determined to find an excuse to attack Iran or, hopefully, to get others to attack Iran for them, because that country is working on various atomic projects and could possibly attack Israel.

Israel is now in a state of funk because they have, in essence, lost the White House. Bush slavishly gave Israel everything it ever wanted and I understand that the former President was not adverse to using U.S. military bombers to flatten Tehran and other areas believed, but not proven, to be centers of atomic research and development - Or to permit a clandestine Israeli raid on Iranian targets from U.S.-controlled airfields in Georgia prior to the Russian incursion there.

This did not happen and it is now evident that Obama is nowhere near as interested in blind support of Israel as was his predecessor. The real story behind the Arctic Star is this: The Israeli Mossad, or foreign intelligence, decided to create a casus belli, or excuse for war, and to accomplish this, they conned a number of Russian petty crooks into boarding the timber-laded ship in the Baltic and “hijack it.”

The idea was to maintain radio silence, lock up the crew and sail the boat down towards the Mediterranean and then, when it came within range, units of the Israeli navy would intercept the Arctic Sea, board her, kill the original crew as well as their hijackers and then load a number of Russian-made missiles into her hold and leave incriminating documents on the bridge showing that the missiles, (intended for passive anti-aircraft defense units in Iran) were headed for Iran. However, their plans were thwarted when a crew member turned on the GPS system, allowing the ship to be located.

It was the Russian Navy, sent out on a rescue mission in some force by the Kremlin, that rescued the ship before Israel could get to her, thus saving the lives of both the crew and the hijackers. Immediately after this rescue happened, there was a flood of Israeli-created rumors fed to an obedient American press hinting broadly that the Russians were shipping missiles to Iran.

The intelligence of these creative writers, and of Israel itself, is obviously of an extraordinarily low level because a simple look at any map will show that if Russia wished to ship anything to Iran, they need only have put missiles, or whatever else they wished, onto a boat on the Russian shores of the huge Caspian Sea.

Why there, one asks?

Why both Russia and Iran share this large and navigable body of water and the idea of shipping missiles on what is in essence a tramp freighter from Kaliningrad on the Baltic through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal and up into the Persian Gulf (or to be even more idiotic, around the tip of Africa to the same place) is pure, and desperate, fiction. It is also very entertaining. Stupidity always are so many of us constantly amused by reading about it.

The map makes the real point, not the ‘secret leaks’ by Israel.

And further Sarah Palin-type logic would have the Kremlin shipping missiles from Russia through NATO countries en-route to Kaliningrad with the expectation they would be detected.

Vague stories planted in the American media about alleged visits to Moscow by irate top Israeli officials is an attempt to cover a severe tongue-lashing by Russian officials given to Israel and a warning not to attempt such activities again, made in person and in Moscow, to the same Israeli leaders.

A knife in the dark is the Israeli style, not a confrontation with a Russia that could turn Tel Aviv into a mass of glowing rubble in a nano-second.

From a totally pragmatic point of view, this entire story ranks as one of the stupidest pieces of desperate public manipulation in recent years, on a par with the Bush/Ridge drumfire of fake ‘terrorist warnings’ shoved off on the American public for political reasons.”