Voice of the White House

September 14, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “While the American media is having a shit fit over the crazy Palin woman, serious trouble is slowly building down in Georgia. The Bush people are horrified at the way the Georgia invasion worked out finally. The incursion was surely known to senior U.S. military commanders, both in the field and at EUCOM command. There is no question about this. The generals knew that Bush detested Putin and was determined, at any cost, to “do something” to Tehran before he left office. The Israelis, who are yapping at him as often as they can, convinced Curious George that they could attack from Georgian airfields and the U.S. would be “off the hook” as it were. Bush loved the idea but the entire matter got completely out of hand. The nutty Georgian president launched an attack that brought down swift and terrible Russian response. That response totally wrecked the Bush 'Russia-encirclement' plan, showed the U.S. up as an unreliable ally, and more, it showed that both the U.S. and NATO were completely powerless against Putin. The once-terrifying lions are now old and toothless. On top of this, careless Americans and frightened Israelis decamped from Georgia as fast as they could, leaving everything behind, including trucks full of top secret documents for the Russians to enjoy at their leisure. No one wants to talk about this complete disaster, so the press has been ordered to spend its time directing the electorate towards the crazy Palin woman and now, the Gulf hurricane. We get to see clips of Sarah babbling whatever her handlers have her read and that intermixed with fat women and poodles being airlifted off their Galveston rooftops.

As an aside, those stupid fucks were told, repeatedly, to get out, long before ’Ike’ hit. They stuck out their tongues and stayed. Now, they are up on the roofs, wailing and waving dirty underwear begging the Coast Guard to rescue them. The stupid assholes should be fined for wasting the Coast Guard’s valuable time. I recall during Katrina that the Coast Guard did wonderful and often under-reported work rescuing people while the corrupt and stupid FEMA clods held press conferences and ate very well.

So much for that aside.

The Georgia president has said, often and very loudly, that he wants to invade his former territory and is prepared to fight to the death. He will certainly get his wish but he also expects that Bush will resupply him with more weapons as well as sending in large numbers of U.S. troops. This will never happen but Saakashvili will do his best to start a major war. To be pragmatic, we should have the CIA kill him as it has killed so many inconvenient allies in the past. And if we read of the “tragic sudden death” of the Georgian leader, there is still the very real danger of a Russian move against the Ukraine to contemplate, at least for those not involved with the football season and the remnants of ‘Ike.’ Given Putin’s successes in challenging both the U.S. and NATO over the Georgia issue, there is great concern here over what could be another Russian move, this time against the Ukraine. In point of fact, Russia has a much bigger and more legitimate beef over the Ukraine than Georgia. The Ukraine has a very large and well-developed industrial area in the Donets Basin, is a very rich agricultural country and has control over the Crimea and its large Russian naval base. The U.S. helped bribe Georgia out of the Russian sphere and into the NATO one but now that NATO is seen by everyone as a joke, one would think that the Ukraine would be very nervous. If they are, they are not showing it. An argument now being made in Kiev is that Russia would not dare to meddle with the Ukraine because that country has a huge network of oil and gas pipelines that take Russian products to the European market. This is a double-edged sword because Russia has a strong presence in the Ukraine and if that country has the pipelines in place, which it does, this is even more reason to gather the errant province back into the fold. “