Voice of the White House

October 14, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“I have been in and around Washington politics for twenty five years, on and off, and I have never seen such completely crazy actions on the part of either Republicans or Democrats. The screeching rage on the part of the disenfranchised GOP that is resulting in mindless, hysterical attacks on anyone and everyone that gets in their sights would be highly entertaining if it weren’t for the revolting spectacle it is presenting to the entire world. This sort of filth slinging and hysteria might be fine for the Knesset, or the Parliament in Taiwan, but here is goes over like a very dead cat in the fridge. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now represented by utter lunatics like the mumbling and erratic Palin, the bombastic racist like Limbaugh the dope addict and a coven of shrieking “tea baggers” that show up everywhere, yelling like drunken Irish at a wake. The difference is that the Irish are intelligent and will sober up in the morning but the ‘tea baggers’ are stupid and beyond redemption. All of this started when the defeated Republicans joined forces with an arrogant “health care” and drug industry to block, by any means possible, a health care bill that would do terrible damage to their bloated, obscene profits. The needs of many Americans are of no interest whatsoever to corrupt Congressmen, crooked lobbyists and greedy pill merchants but they all apparently are totally unaware that like the Emperor, they are wearing no clothes in public and are both the objects of scorn, derision and ridicule. If ever a political party and ideology can be said to have committed suicide, we are seeing a classical example of it now. As for the insurance companies, the government should take them over, jail their CEOs and start from scratch.”