Voice of the White House

June 14, 2011

Washington, D.C.: “Obama was elected by a popular mandate and mainly because the mass of the public was fed up with rampant official corruption, law-breaking, endless political wars, a ruined economy, and many other present and growing disasters to the national fabric. It is now becoming painfully obvious that Obama is a total sell-out to both the intelligence community and the powerful monies power elite that have been running this country for decades. He promised to end the war in Afghanistan. He didn’t and expanded it. He promised to close the Guantanamo torture center. He did not. He promised more governmental openness, and instead, has tried his best (and failed) to punish whistle-blowers who expose the rampant and criminal corruption in all branches of government. He is, in short, a total failure. But do we want to replace him with a Repubican lunatic like the Jesus Freak Bachmann or Santorum? Or the idiot Palin? The hilarious fraud known as the Great bin Laden Removal is typical. No sane person believes the constantly changing stories and while Obama’s popularity ratings soared, they launched that cartoon show far too early for a positive reaction in the next Presidential election. Timing is everything, something the Obama people do not understand. And now we are informed that Obama and the crazy Cass Sunstein want to shut down the Internet because it is making fools out of him and his crime partners. Look for a bogus “cyber-attack” followed by “emergency decrees” designed to shut down anyone daring to expose the fraudsters and criminals. Julian Assange did a wonderful job, especially in toppling the petty tyrants we supported throughout the oil-producing Arab world, but notice how a sudden silence has fallen on the subject? Not a word about Julian or his work anywhere in the mainline American media. Why is this? Orders from the Oval Office to the corporations who own the major (and rapidly vanishing) print media and television comedy hours. Obama and his bedraggled crew have as much chance of shutting down the Internet as the Easter Bunny bringing fireworks this Christmas.”