Voice of the White House

June 14, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“The American public, the voting public, has absolutely no idea of the degree and extent of rampant corruption at the highest levels of the current Administration and government. No idea. Many, if not most, of our Congressmen take bribes; governmental agencies steal with both hands and their feet and it gets worse every day. Cheney, who still has huge stock options in Halliburton, has pushed their stock up to the heavens with all kinds of governmental waste-money contracts as a good example and the Pentagon has stolen more money that the Oligarchs did in post-Yeltsin Russia. Obama threatens to shut off the K Street co-conspirator “lobbyists” and they are getting more afraid day by day that he might be serious. McCain is safe for them but Obama is not. Would they do a Kennedy on Obama? The have already mentioned this but more or less as a private joke. We don’t need their blatant bribery of our representatives and we don’t need representatives who greedily grab whatever they can. The brazen and enormous thefts at the Pentagon are redolent of the Grant Administration but in that case, Grant himself was blameless. In this case, Bush and Cheney are right in there stuffing their pockets. Congress is glad to be rid of Bush and there is no chance he will be impeached but the effort has been made to do so. What is needed is to clean out the nests of thieves, give the FBI a mandate to do so without any political considerations and a free hand. Probably a good third of all of Congress could easily end up disgraced, convicted and potential cell partners for Abramof (who is right where he belongs) and if, as I said before, the public ever really gets to know the astonishing extent of the arrogant thievery, there will be a great housecleaning...”