Voice of the White House

July 14, 2019

Washington, D.C.: According to Pakistani government intelligence, the CIA is heavily involved with Al Qaeda and IS and introduced them into Afghanistan for guerrilla actions, so as to be able to convince Washington to increase the number of American troops into that country to protect the highly profitable opium fields. If one looks at a map showing the locations of the known opium fields in Afghanistan and then looks at another map showing US military units in place, the two are nearly identical. Russian intelligence is well aware that the US CIA and the Pentagon are secretly supporting the Saudi-raised Sunni IS, a branch of which is now very active in Afghanistan. It is very well known that a major portion of Afghanistani gum opium is taken over by CIA people and most of it is shipped to Columbia. A portion of this opium goes to Kosovo where it is also refined and then shipped up through Germany to Russia. This annoys the Russians who have made a strong effort to put a halt to something that killed over 50,000 Russians last year from heroin overdoses. Here we have an interesting situation. Russia, with good reason, objects to having heroin smuggled into her country and attempts to put a stop to it. The United States, a country that, via its agencies, is heavily involved in the international drug trade, objects to this attitude. Therefore, in addition to all Russia's oil and gas which America badly needs, the US has an excellent motive for making Russia a handy enemy. Enemies are necessary to stimulate public support for more profitable (to some at least) small wars.