Voice of the White House

December 14, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
The American government, in all of its branches, is supported by the income from tax payers. Paying annual taxes in so arrainged that the public has little to do with it. Tax monies are deducted by the employer and sent to Washington. The biggest share of all these billions goes to the US military, and has for many years. Like all agencies, the military loves to expand so that each year there are more justifications for higher payments and more money. And we have more and more small wars, threats of wars, and demands for more and more military equipment that costs an enormous amount of tax payers' money, and more often than not, does not work properly, or at all. The advent of the political outside, Donald Trump, has frightened those who suck off the public tit, but none are more alarmed than the military. Politicians can vote against him and oligarchs can support politicians with bribe money to support their views, but the military can only bluster and threaten. In alliance with the warmongering Neo-Cons, they can postulate threats present and future so we can all look for signs of violence to our national security from Tonga or the Maldives very soon now.