Voice of the White House

December 14, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
Here we have some interesting, and real, information that is not spoken of. According to official, and published, FBI statistics, almost 800,000 people are reported as missing each year and have been for at least three decades. Of these missing people, about 75% are rapidly solved within a day. These are runaway young people, unhappy spouses trying to start another life with someone else, parental kidnappings, people wanted for crimes or simply running away from overwhelming bills. The remaining 25% of the vanished are another matter entirely. These usually consist of people with no financial or domestic problems and absolutely no reason for disappearing. Happy husbands, or wives, driving to a nearby convenience store for milk, people walking down to the edge of their property to check out a mail box, a teenager walking to school, a young couple out for a picnic at a deserted beach, a farmer walking out into his fields to check on a fence problem and many, many other such situations. These people simply vanish without a trace and are never heard from again. Their bodies are not found in a local woods and relatives or loved ones never hear from them again. Bank accounts are never touched, cell phones are never used and, in fact, the missing person stays missing. A quick study of the FBI statistics, easily found on their official site, shows that every year, at least a hundred thousand Americans just disappear forever. And other countries have similar problems and have had for a number of years. But the question remains as to where these hordes of the missing go and who, or what, has taken them?