Voice of the White House

March 13, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “Interesting piece of news of the duplicity of everyone inside the Beltway. The McCain people are terrified lest Crazy John’s religious nut preacher's jabberings make serious trouble for him. In a typical alliance, the Clinton people have given the McCain people some tapes of a very emotional Chicago black minister, attacking the white establishment for years of harassment of the black community. The McCain people, in turn, using Karl Rove’s hate networks, are planning a Swift Boat type of attack on Obama to deflect public attention from McCain’s vicious friends in the religious right. This is really interesting, if repulsive, because the Republicans hate blacks, Asians, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, and liberals, equally. You ought to listen to some of their jovial chats sometime. It sounds like something heard in Nazi party circles in pre-war Germany. While wishing to appear supporters of blacks, the Clintons, both of them, are livid with rage that a black man is kicking Hillary’s huge ass. She thought she would be a walk-in for the Democratic nomination, but now that she sees her long sought-after prize slipping from her grip, she and her people have become so frantic that they have no problem dealing with McCain, or even the vile Bush toadies. Ergo, the Hillary people turned over inflammatory tapes by a black minister, Obama’s pastor, to the enemy in order to destroy her enemy. This is the old Mafia slogan that says the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hillary is known to be a sell-out to the business establishment while Obama is less certain in his allegiances so the corporate structure will support her and McCain jointly and do everything they can to trash him. Bismarck once said that many enemies meant much honor and that is certainly true now. As Hillary perceives that she might not become President, she morphs from patronizing the nice black people to screaming silent curses at the uppity black man that is more successful in public than she is. The real loser in all of this filth-flinging is the American public and it goes almost without saying that we deserve better than both Republican and Democratic chronic and escalating vileness. Why not address the issues? Why? The Clinton people are in bed with the people who are the power elite and Obama is not.”