Voice of the White House

December 13, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
To use an old German phrase, the shovel is full. The shovel here is the cooperation between organs of the government, major business oligarchs, and the national press media. This cooperation, wherein news of a nature that displeases the controllers is never reported, and propaganda in support of any, or all, of the leaders' policies is given above-the-fold prominence. At the present time we see a clear example of this in the frantic attempts on the part of losing Democrats and their allies in the business world about their loss of the White House. Feeble attempts at recounts of votes have fallen flat, rejected by The Courts, so now we see grotesque reports that the CIA claims Russia and Putin were behind the decline and fall of the liberals. There are citizens who used to believe anything they read in the news media or see on the equally controlled television, but their numbers are rapidly diminishing.