Voice of the White House

October 12, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
Assad allied with Russia and leased Putin's Navy a port facility on the Mediterranean. That annoyed the Pentagon very much. And when Putin got his hands on the former large Soviet naval base at Sevastopol, (in the Crimea) this annoyed Washington even more. And Israel was furious with Assad because they believed he was allowing Russia to trans-ship surface-to-surface missiles to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, missiles that could do terrible damage to Israel. Tel Aviv then ordered Washington to carpet bomb southern Lebanon, just as they had insisted the US bomb Tehran to stifle the development of atomic weapons. The US declined but in private Hillary Clinton assured Tel Aviv that if she were elected president, such bombing attacks would commence at once if the Iranians broke the agreement. The civil war in Syria was genuine but inflamed by US support of the rebels and as the US was supporting the rebels, Putin backed the legitimate government. His aircraft stopped the exporting of stolen Syrian oil to Turkey (and from Turkey it went to Israel and the US) and by attacking rebel groups, a number of CIA specialists who were training these groups were turned into cat meat. And the US screams that Russia attacked an aid convoy and various Aleppo hospitals but they conveniently forget about earlier US aerial attacks on a clearly marked UN Doctors Without Borders Hospital and other such institutions. It is, after all, the kicked dog that yelps.