Voice of the White House

November 12, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
Little by little America is being turned into a classic police state. Using the threat of foreign terrorism as an excuse, we have government observation and recording of almost every aspect of American social and business life. There is not enough room to lock up every American who is, or might be, hostile to official government policy, nor are there enough personnel to guard them but systems now in place are capable of picking out perceived trouble-makers for future punishment. The FBI now has a facial recognition program that has cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars in place. With this system, the FBI, and its local police connections, can scan faces at political meetings and even shopping malls and this ability, in conjunction with such treasure-troves of free information such as Facebook and Twitter, make future oppressive moves on the part of increasingly militant law enforcement far easier. And persons who wear the so-called 'V' masks anywhere are thwarting the observations and enraging the FBI and its many branches. There is an interesting memo said to be floating around the Internet which is a request by the FBI to have Congress pass a law forbidding any citizen to wear a 'concealing facial mask' anywhere in public at any time under threat of arrest and prosecution. A militant, irrational right wing Congress just might do this and in the end, this sort of repression could easily lead to dangerous civil protests and violence.