Voice of the White House

March 12, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
Pity the poor CIA, always wrong, always blameless. Take for instance their failure in Ukraine. Having plotted to put a pro-West government in and break away from Moscow, they failed later when a pro-Russian president was elected. Not happy with this, the CIA instigated 'popular' protests, had their people shoot at them, and forced the pro-Russian president out of office. They replaced him with a corrupt oligarch and clapped their collective hands with delight. Putin made his moves in the eastern Ukraine, their industrial center, and in Crimea. Kiev's attempt to overwhelm the breakaway movement in the east failed and Crimea fell entirely into Moscow's hands by a popular referendum vote. This deprived American interests of the important Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol, and the large and valuable Crimean off-shore oil fields. Now, Putin has the Siberian fields and the newly acquired Crimean ones. What does the CIA have? An empty bus. And pity Turkey who has been listening to CIA siren songs about oil income and help against the growing power of anti-Ankara Kurds. The Kurds, who occupy a good portion of southeastern Turkey and represent about 25% of the Turkish population, are being clandestinely supported by Russia and given valuable American-made weapons with which to fight the Turks. Yet another Langley plot gone bad.