Voice of the White House

June 12, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The business with Ukraine is typical. The CIA, ever eager to put pressure on a Russia loaded with oil and natural gas, engineered the first Orange Revolution. When the public later voted in a pro-Russian president, the even-diligent CIA organized a revolt and put in someone more to their liking. Two major assets of Ukraine were the off-shore oil fields south of Crimea and the very important naval base at Sevastopol, also in Crimea. As usual, the CIA lost out, ergo the sanctions and heightened harassment of Putin's Russia now in progress. Putin, it must be said, knows the games (He also knows just what the CIA and other agencies are plotting) and he moved in quickly with the result that the CIA could not get the naval base for the US Navy or the oil for their friends in the trade. The truth is always much more interesting than the official disinformation we see as daily fare in the captive media.