Voice of the White House

July 12, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Amidst all the juvenile screaming about what amounted to Hillary Clinton's totally unanticipated loss of the White House in the last election, what is continually overlooked is the fact that regardless of who released the Podesta documents, they were entirely authentic. It doesn't matter if WikiLeaks released this data, Russian Intelligence, or a Girl Scout Troup in Tanzania. What does matter is the accuracy of the release and to date, heartbroken Democrats and the useless left wing print media are still venting their rage over their political and economic loss. Also, the WikiLeaks release of highly embarrassing CIA material fits into this same category. Who gives a damn who released it or their motives? What is the issue, or ought to be, is the authenticity of the releases. No one has challenged these because they cannot.