Voice of the White House

December 12, 2014

Washington D.C.:
The revelations of CIA/US government practice of massive torture of prisoners are not new or unknown inside government circles, but now they have become public. Although only in a sanitized form, there will be the usual self-important breast-beating and calls for reform. Trust me, there will be no reform. The CIA is doing what the White House wants it to do, be it destablizing Ukraine by having its local hires shooting into crowds of protesters in Kiev or attempting to assassinate Edward Snowden. Information gained by torture is virtually worthless and the damage this will do to the reputation of the United States, especially in Muslim countries, cannot be calculated. The American public can do nothing about the CIA's sadism because they answer to no one, but foreign opinion is more important. The Germans are now fully aware of the degree and extent of American spying and maniplulations, and in the end, the United States will pay dearly for its actions.