Voice of the White House

April 12, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “How the mighty have fallen! Here I am talking about the vaunted and infuriating power of the Israeli far right in Washington. Israel need only contact its diplomats here and then call up AIPAC and toady Congressmen and officials would rush to do their bidding. Bush himself is well-known to have his pointed head up Israel’s ass and whatever they wanted, they got. They wanted American troops in the Middle East to protect them. They got them but at a terrible loss to us and the Iraqi people. Rabid hyenas like Richard Pearle (and many others, ripe for necktie parties) snapped their fingers and Congress and the president jumped but those things are now gone. Intercepts of top level Israeli diplomatic messages indicate that there are those in Tel Aviv who want Obama assassinated because he is daring to challenge them. When Harry Truman did this in ’48, the Jewish Stern Gang tried to poison him but even a failed attempt on the immensely popular Obama would be the destruction of Israel, Beverly Hills and Skokie notwithstanding. We do little trade with Israel: she has no oil. They take and we give and the time has time to cut them loose. Israel is the Spanish Fly in the mid-eastern political scene and for too long, these apes have been dragging the United States into their unholy and vicious messes. As there are always beginnings to every matter, so also are their ends, and the time has come to assume a neutrality in mid-eastern affairs that we should have practiced since 1948.”