Voice of the White House

October 11, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
"A sort of a mixed-bag this time around. First, let us discuss the American pharmaceutical industry that has finally crept out from under their wet log and let us see just why so many young children suddenly developed autism or why so many users of this or that popular drug suddenly died of liver cancer or developed brain tumors. The drug industry is not trying to kill people but they want to maximize their profits and with grateful assistance from our thoroughly corrupt lawmakers, they can now dump a new drug onto an unsuspecting market with a minimum of testing. So what if fifty thousand people die? So many more are satisfied and just look at the huge profits to be made! Why a pill that costs less than two cents to make can be sold for thirty dollars with not a sound from anyone in Congress. Most of our representatives are too busy trying to hide their bribes in foreign banks to worry about the health of their constituents. Of course, elections are coming up next year and there are certainly going to be some surprises. The last time around, all the Jesus Freaks got chunked into the garbage disposal and this time, the health industry whores can join them. Brian Harring has a correspondent inside the drug industry who has been stuffing his e-mail box with all kinds of interesting information. I think Mr. Harring ought to find the home addresses of all the CEOs of the major drug companies and publish them. This is so people who have lost loved ones can write directly to them without having their piteous letters dead ended in some secretary’s waste basket."