Voice of the White House

May 11, 2020

Washington D.C.:
In Europe today, especially in Germany, there is a growing belief that the coronavirus is a stone fraud. This does not mean that it is a stone fraud but that a large number of people believe it is. The lock-downs and, in America, the extraordinary economic chaos, is creating a rising tide of anti-government hostility and as a spin-off, the rumor that the entire virus business is a fake, designed for economic and public control. Time always tells in such things and there are elements of the affair that indeed are highly indicitaive of fraud.

Voice of the White House Editor's Note: If 99% of the people who died of the Coronavirus had Pre-existing medical conditions when they died that means that 99% OF CORONAVIRUS FATALITIES DIED OF SOMETHING ELSE! Also, 80% of Coronavirus fatalities are OVER 60 and the average age of the Coronavirus fatality in Italy (one of the countries hardest hit on the planet) is 80! - Rob