Voice of the White House

March 11, 2018

Washington, D.C.:
There is a glut of information floating about on the killing, by radioactive material, of a former KGB operative who was living in London. Although the Putin-hating American oligarchs have been salting the media with strong hints that Russian President Vladimir Putin was somehow responsible for this, the truth is far more interesting. All of this goes back to the days following the breakup of the former Soviet Union. Russia is in possession of a huge amount of natural resources, most notably natural gas and oil. Under the Communists, these resources were badly managed but after Gorbachev left power, Yeltsin, a good friend of the CIA, came to power and immediately de-nationalized the oil and gas. Those who successfully bid for it were a gang of Russian street thugs, extortionists, drug dealers, counterfeiters, pimps, and con-men. These 'people' were all Jewish and they had very good connections both in Israel and in the United States with their co-religionists/satanists. The plan, as is now known but never, ever talked about, was for this group to buy up the privatized resources using money obtained from outside the country and then sell off controlling interests in it to western and Israeli companies. The Bank of New York, owned by an Israeli citizen, and the World Bank and IMF, through the good offices of fellow co-religionists/satanists, put up the money, and the group, later known as the 'Oligarchy' threatened any possible bidder with death and soon was in control of the entire system. They took in huge payments from foreign banks and firms, stuffed their pockets and Swiss & Israeli bank accounts but before their new partners could grab control, Putin came to power and quickly, and very quietly, put a stop to what amounted to a wholesale theft of Russia's valuable natural resources. Putin, an ex-KGB Lt. Colonel, moved to re-nationalize the assets, driving out the Oligarchs and seizing their money in the process. As a result of this, there were lots of very unhappy people, not the least of which were Israeli and American business concerns...