Voice of the White House

March 11, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"Israeli attempts to force the United States to launch an attack on Iran have not gone well. They dangled the idea of 'unlimited Jewish-American support' for Obama's re-election campaign but the growing slaughter in Syria is sidetracking their frenzied efforts to get this country to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. The Russians have been selling enormous amounts of certain types of weaponry to Syria, weapons which are then trans-shipped to Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon and paid for, not by Syria, but by anti-Israeli elements outside Lebanon. If Hezbollah were to launch a flood of long-range missiles against Israel, there would be terrible damage and Iran's possible nuclear development thesis would die a natural death. One serious problem with constantly threatening Iran with imminent attack is that the Iranians might opt for a pre-emptive strike, something that the arrogant Israelis have not addressed. The entire eastern end of the Mediterranean is like a dry hayfield in a lightening storm. It could catch fire at any time. We know how wars start but we never know how they end."