Voice of the White House

January 11, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
The terrorist mayhem in France is neither the beginning nor the end of the Muslim extremist movement. It is difficult, if not impossible, for any government to interdict the actions of a single fanatic or even two or three. What happened in Paris could easily happen in England or the United States and no agency tasked with internal control could ever prevent it. If the Unabomber's brother had not informed on him to the FBI for money, he would still be building his bombs. Unfortunately, the end result of the slaughter will be the rapid rise of anti-immigrants throughout Europe. Trust it that smarmy politicians, used to the Universal Brotherhood and Understanding movements will stammer, shift and finally swing over to such actions as mass deportation. They might personally deplore this sort of thing, but they lust to survive and reap the personal and often financial, rewards of high office.