Voice of the White House

October 10, 2011

Washington, D.C.:
"It is always very frustrating to try to enlighten people to potential danger. Most of the time, no one pays the slightest attention to warnings. They want to build a house in a landslide area. They want to buy a car that is on a recall list for faulty wiring. They want to buy shrimp in the local market that has been raised in filthy contaminated fish farms. They want to buy Morgan silver dollars that are Chinese counterfeits. Tell people about these and they just smile. Right now, there is ample warning about very serious sociological problems growing in this country. Chronic and rising unemployment, the mortgage scandals, the growing bankruptcy of States and, unfortunately, the Federal government, all are squeezing the middle class badly. Any student of society will tell you that no sane politician should attack the middle class. When this huge group becomes angry, revolutions are born and change is demanded. Itís a bit like going into a cave with a hibernating bear and kicking it in the testicles. People get eaten doing that. Now we see a powerful, and potentially very dangerous, situation developing in the United States in the so-called 'Occupy' movements. These are outraged middle class citizens who now hate the banks that control all the money and most of the real estate in this country. They do not see the American banking system as friendly to the citizens and in their beliefs, they are correct. The banks have become huge and no government agency, including the weak White House, dares to interfere with them. The enormous Bank of America bought out the crooked Countrywide mortgage company and has been ripping off hundreds of thousands of people with rigged mortgages. The government agencies are well aware of this but as BoA told Washington, 'Mess with us, dude, and we'll all go down the tubes!' And with Presidential elections looming next year, Obama wants no problem to erupt that he either can't or won't deal with. Once the elections are over, he doesn't care and once he leaves office, the problem belongs to someone else. That is why the 'Occupy' people are such a potential threat. All it would take would be some totally stupid local police chief to order his men to fire live ammunition into peaceful protestors and the resulting public uproar, and upheaval, would be terrible to behold."