Voice of the White House

November 10, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
A nation in decay can prove to be very dangerous, both to external and internal entities. Having lost its industrial base because American manufacturers moved to cheaper labor areas offshore and did away with American labor, America maintained her global position of power mainly by threats and military actions against weaker countries. In this, she became like 1914 England who had once been the most powerful nation on earth and was quickly losing her preeminence. Her solution to rising German competition was to connive a European war that eventually destroyed her. The United States does not, like England, tolerate competition and so we have the current anti-Russian frenzies in Washington. Russia, under Putin, has developed a strong economy and worse, has a great deal of badly needed oil and gas. Therefore, Russia is an enemy. Since Russia has an arsenal of atomic weaponry and the ability to deliver these world wide, the United States cannot attack Russia militarily but instead does her best to destabilize her perceived enemy economically and politically. Unfortunately for those of the rabid right wing who think more threats will gain more power, the focus of power is shifting and not in America's favor. And what with universal internal spying in progress, there are always entertainments available. When on the telephone system, which is as full of holes as Swiss cheese, or the equally watched Internet, one can have endless hours of fun and create absolutely great havoc with the spies, snitches and the chimpanzee brigade. If you are speaking on the phone you can say: 'Yes, and sometime let me tell you about the last council meeting. The General said that…well I can discuss this with you when we meet…' And sometimes, a person will give me a code name such as Operation Anus. I have absolutely no idea what this is about but I will drop it into various conversations. 'Of course if the Putin people ever find out about Operation Anus, there will be real fun.' I can just hear the chattering and hooting in some distant headquarters as someone tells an Assistant Deputy Director that Operation Anus might be compromised. And count on it, three weeks after you dropped the name, some boobus americanus talks to you and casually asks about the hitherto Top Secret Anus. 'Oh yes,' you say, 'last week the press secretary did spell that one out. Really interesting!' And when this bit gets back, frenzy in the baboon house. What do you know? Who told you? Who have you told? What press secretary? You tell boobus the name of some odious snitch as your source and wait to see what happens.